Why become a ‘Friend of Gipsy Moth IV’?

Despite a sound survey at the end of 2010, and a splendid re-furbishment by UKSA student apprentices early in 2011 to bring her back to life as part of their training, she is, after all, a fifty year old cold-moulded classic yacht. Making her available for more people to see and sail, and attending events around the coast, inevitably leads to wear and tear, the occasional breakage, and unexpected one-off costs.

It is the responsibility of the Gipsy Moth Trust to ensure that funds are available to meet these costs whenever they are needed in the future.

So, although individual donations – however small! – are welcome, we invite you to become a ‘Friend of Gipsy Moth IV’.

By making a small annual donation (£25) by Standing Order to The Gipsy Moth Trust you will be contributing directly to her continued existence in sailing condition as part of a UK and global maritime heritage – a heritage which recognises the extraordinary achievements of Sir Francis Chichester and which can inspire future generations to achieve their dreams.


How to become a ‘Friend of Gipsy Moth IV’

Becoming a ‘Friend’ will cost less than 50p a week.

In return you will

  • Have the satisfaction of knowing that you are part of Gipsy Moth IV’s future life and have helped to preserve an iconic yacht in sailing condition to carry on the legacy of achievement set by Sir Francis Chichester
  • Receive a certificate to confirm your status as a ‘Friend’
  • Receive a bi-annual newsletter to keep you up-to-date on GMIV activities – and advance information on future events where she can be seen/sailed

(Please remember that you can cancel your standing order at any time should you wish to do so, though we would ask you to let us know if you do.)


Become a friend

You can download the form and apply to become a Friend of Gipsy Moth IV


Individual donations – however small are also very welcome and help to achieve the Trust's aims - If you wish to donate you can click the button below.

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